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John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 4

Session Notes - Sentinels Session 4 - March 13, 2010

Renzo - Galvanos/Kenji
Mike - Max Plastic
Anthony - Monolith
Pat - The Angel
Robin - Zero-G
John - Masonic Knight/Bronco

So the public is liking the team. Almost as much as they still like Vanguard... Team Justice is still working for the Man, so they're off most of the public's radar.

It's early spring in Capitol City, and 0G is returning to the base after lunch with Tori. Lots of brainstorming and cursing the general policies of those Vanguard pricks.

0G notices the not-quite-rightness of the skies overhead. Reminiscent of the Anti-Matter events of a couple issues ago. As he's admiring the effects, a monster crackling with energy drops down and attacks him. Though 0G takes a hit, a divebombing manoeuver dispatches the monster handily.

0G's radio call to base is interrupted by an Earth-shattering kaboom. Renard and Gal spring into action and the team rallies at the Blue Jay.

So a big anti-matter storm and a huge pillar of energy are centered on Hero's Hill. 0G is first on scene, and sees ground zero is The Guardian's memorial entombment crypt cairn. He lands, puts up a shield, and gets knocked unconscious by a really big fist.

The rest of the team arrives to see the Negative Zombie Guardsman looking dessicated and pissed off. He drops the unconscious 0G and begins a fray with the whole team at once.

NZG gets all ragey after Monolith punches him soundly. Gal sends a fist off into the night. NZG punches Monolith in the face. Monolith gloriously holds his ground.

Then gets punched again, and is out of the fight for a while. The fray continues.

The Angel pokes into NZG's mind only to find no cognitive mind. NZG continues to flatten the team. Then Gal whips out the giant fucking sword and manages to inflict the first actual damage on NZG. NZG retaliates and knocks Gal offline, sword still glowing.

Monolith grows more and loses his mind attacking NZG. NZG returns the favour and goes a little more crazy, too. He continues to pound the team and shrug off most of the damage we're dishing out.

Then Gal comes back online and fuckstabs NZG mightily.NZG keeps coming. Finally the stomping eases off and the heoes turn the tide of battle. Monolith strikes the coup-de-grace and NZG looks like he's going to explode. 0G ties to jettison the bastard. Enough altitude isn't reached and the team takes some additional damage when he goes kablooie.

Fight over. Dust clears. EAGLE shows up just in time to miss everything.

At the base, The Masonic Knight learns he's needed elsewhere and quits the team. Renard Roux also quits as he's been killed too many times recently and is becoming more and more afraid of his beast within.

The Sentinels reconvene and have a team meeting at HQ. 0G and Tori have a private conversation about the future of the team. It is decided they need to recruit "female and ethnic" members, or at least Tori decides this. On Tori's suggestion the team heads out to an Unlimited Power Wrestling match to scout for super powered wrestlers.

She didn't want them all to go, they just do, anyway...

On the way out Garrison get's Max's goat. Max takes a swing, and gets punched out for his efforts. He's woken up and they head out to see the rasslin'.

Garrison's interested in checking out a prospect (once that's explained is the purpose of the wrestling field trip). He and The Angel steal a car and head to the arena, too.

The lead in to the main event is a women's championship match, handily won by Amanda Reese. Then the main event is Eric Bluemoon, a tall drink of water with a Native American theme, and The Kenyan Lion, who seems to be a lion beast master. Eric does well, but does the job and the Kenyan Lion retains his title and looks great in the match.

Tori arranges for backstage passes, 0G and Kenji go with. While waiting to see the champ, Kenji gets to meet the lady's champ.

Amanda Reese is quite pissed that Kenji came to see her, revealing her identity as Lady America, and surprising the hell out of Kenji. "Ooh, I gotta tell 0G about this!" He suggests that she join the Sentinels. Lady A doesn't really want to join the team, but is horrified by the environment this child is existing in. She nearly goes ballistic when Kenji explains robot servant jousting.

Meanwhile 0G and Tori have made their way to Bluemoon's area in the lockers and have a brief conversation with the naked Indian.

Tori's more than impressed, 0G offers him an opportunity to join the team, which he'll take them up on. He likes the name Bronco as a codename.

0G, Kenji and Tori leave the arena with Max and head over to WYM to bug the Wiccan, and maybe get some tits for the team.

She categorically denies the request, citing the amount of chaos we generally attract. She feels the team's cumulative blood debts are attracting bad things. Then she kicks them out.

So... team meeting with Bronco. The team seems cool with him, and Tori's doe eyes are fluttering, so he's in. Then an EAGLE shuttle lands on the lawn and Amanda Reese gets out. She wants in, too.

"So Lady America's joining the team, too...?" Monolith

"Amanda Reese is Lady A...?" Bronco.

She's retired from EAGLE, but really really wants to team to stop being jackasses.

Lady A reveals the president is upset at Vanguard, and it's up to us to distinguish ourselves.

Angel takes some flak for recent shenanigans. He dishes some back, but is ultimately aware of his issues. But he still defends his attitude.

Lady A and 0G have a tete-a-tete in 0G's nice new office. They discuss staffing issues. She expresses that the Wiccan is a full of shit side-liner and should be ignored. And she has dirt on everyone. Particularly Tori. They emerge from their meeting, only to have Tori grab 0G and drag him back. Tori doesn't want Lady A on the team. Thinks she's a lesbian. 0G points out the demographic widening of the team. Tori leaves in a huff.

So now Monolith wants an office, too.

The Angle, Monolith, and Bronco head to the boathouse to see Garrison.

A fight is picked and the session comes to an end...

-End of Session-


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