Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Company Renamed!

Hey there, just a side note to let you all know that I have decided (since the time is rapidly approaching to decide these things) to call my hobby-publishing company;

Earth Alpha

That's it. Not Earth Alpha Games, or Earth Alpha Publishing, just Earth Alpha.

Originally I was going to call it Tin Hill Press, but that is too locked into fantasy for me. Then I was going to go with Andrew Collas Games but nah, that's too arrogant for me.

So Earth Alpha it is ... thank you for reading this completely unimportant message and we now return you to your regularly scheduled day. ;)


  1. ASLANC I got a rough draft of a super hero game for you to look at.

    All random rolls. Very rules light.

    Email me

  2. I like the name too...evokes images of multiple Earth's and multiple possibilities

  3. Zactly!

    The name came from my old Amalgamated DC/Marvel/Image/Homegrown/and-the-kitchen-sink campaign :)

  4. Thanks.

    It has since been renamed "Zenith Comics" since I have decided not to pursue a fantasy line anymore.

    Seems better that way.