Friday, September 3, 2010

Forgot one...

I forgot to add another book we are adding to the line-up;

Zenith Comics Presents: Belle Isle

Belle Isle is the superhuman maximum security penitentiary, located off the shore of Capitol City.  This book will not only showcase the prison itself, but some of the long-term inmates and staff of the facility.

So with that we are looking at;

Roster Books
Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Volume 1
Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Volume 2
Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Volume 3
Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Volume 4
Zenith Comics Presents: Dastardly Duos & Terrible Trios
Zenith Comics Presents: Mayhem Inc./Ravage V
Zenith Comics Presents: Mercenaries & Masterminds

Setting Books
Zenith Comics Presents: A.S.A.G.A.R.D.
Zenith Comics Presents: The Citadel
Zenith Comics Presents: Capitol City
Zenith Comics Presents: The Golden Age
Zenith Comics Presents: Belle Isle

Zenith Comics Presents: The Ultimus Invasion*

As well, don't forget there will be plenty of freebies given away on this very website as well, including heroes, various npcs and more.  One of the statements I made earlier was that I won't produce roster books of heroes, since that seems counter productive to me, and that will continue.  Sure a hero or two will show up in the setting books, but I have no plans to produce a full out heroes roster book.  So the heroes of the Zenith Universe will be given away for free on the website.


*I may change the name of this (or other products) as we move forward.  This name may be due to an already existing event that has occurred in the Zenith Universe time-line called the Ultimus Invasion.


  1. WOW! That's an extensive list! Very cool! I need to visit more often!

  2. Thanks! Please do, though I update infrequently these days.

  3. I know this is a bit too soon, but any idea when the first book - Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Volume 1 - is coming out? And after that, when can we expect the other? ;)

  4. He RoVe, we are still in layouts and then once we have an idea of white space we are getting more art done for it.

    Nothing can come before this happens, but once it does ;)